Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Best Opaque White V-Neck T-Shirts

Hi everyone!

I have been on the search for the best white tees that you can't see through! There are several articles on different blogs about other people's recommendations, which helped guide me in my purchases. Here's where I ended up:

Majestic Filatures V-Neck Tee
At $120, this is the most expensive–and most disappointing–tee that I tried. It is completely sheer. Though the fabric is soft, stretchy, and is a good length for petites, it is thin. Back to Bloomingdales it went; I don't have a photo to show you.

Aritzia Wilfred Free Dilona T-Shirt
This $40 shirt had some promise. It was an interesting, mid-weight fabric, almost like a knit. It is meant to be worn oversized, so I sized down to XS. Overall it wasn't very flattering on me, and I had the feeling the fabric would not hold up well in the washing machine. And it was a little sheer. I returned it.

Uniqlo Supima Cotton Jersey V-Neck T-Shirt
This $9.90 shirt was the winner! This is a soft, stretchy fabric that is thick. The v-neck is not too deep. It's a little longer than I'd like (maybe I'll get it shortened). I feel very confident wearing it by itself. I ordered a Medium and it fits great.

Bonus Review: Uniqlo U Crewneck T-Shirt
Not a v-neck, but recommended for its opacity! The white is another nice thick fabric. I ordered a Small and it's a little tight; next time I'll order the Medium. 

I hope this helps you in your next t-shirt purchase! As a footnote, Vince Little Boy tees are my favorite semi-sheer t-shirts, so I order them in dark colors. And if you are wondering about Everlane tees, my experience is that they are too sheer for me.

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