Monday, June 21, 2010

Am I Free to Express Myself through Fashion?

I am a creative person. I enjoy expressing myself through art and writing, and I enjoy encouraging others with unique and fun ideas, whether it’s hosting a Halloween party at my home or making a birthday card for a friend. For college, I went to art school, where I studied graphic design.

Part of my profession is being aware of current advertising and design trends. As a professional creative person, I expect myself to look the part. However I think this has been an excuse for me, and real motives can be difficult to discern.

When I read through Christian writings, I have been convicted. Many people throughout history have, because of their devotion to Jesus, their desire to stand out from the worldliness and extravagance of fashion, and their belief that what’s on the inside should affect the outside appearance, have refused to wear makeup, jewelry (even wedding rings), or certain kinds of clothing.

Of course revealing or sensual clothing should be avoided by the disciple of Jesus. But I’m talking about regular makeup, jewelry, and expensive clothing. Are they out of place, or as we grow to be more mature and devoted to Jesus, should I be dressing in an increasingly simpler way? The question isn’t “What’s wrong with wanting to look good?” The question is “Am I becoming more like Christ?”

I think the problem, is not in the fashion. It is the desiring of it. I John reminds us “Do not love the world or anything in the world.” It is the spiritual distraction of being enthralled or consumed with items that were designed to perish.

This topic is an individual journey each of us must make. I don’t think the answer will be anything extreme, since the righteous person avoids all extremes. It must be made in consideration of the disciple’s relationship to the world and the people who live in it. This other consideration will have a separate blog post of its own.

Comments? I would love to hear them!

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