Monday, June 14, 2010

And It Goes A Little Something Like This…

dress by Theory, leggings by I.N.C., denim jacket by DKNY, Ray-Ban aviators, Tiffany necklace

OH--HAI! Welcome to my first post, let me introduce myself. I’m Faith J. I am a spiritually-focused person with strong convictions about living my life according to a standard. Outside of that, I love big cities, public transportation, being uncomfortable, reading, and zombies.

How I got here: I have been following a lot of fashion blogs ever since right before I got married in July 2008. I was feeling out-of-touch with fashion after leaving Chicago and started discovering so, so many wonderful blogs by amazing fashionistas. I love the outfit posts, nail swatching, fashion week reporting, trend spotting, street style photos, and other newsy bits. The community is huge and ever-growing, and I can’t really add anything to improve it.

I want to express my interest with fashion and balance it with my desire for realness, beauty, and spirituality, to put clothing in its proper place, not an idol, but as a expression of creativity. God has given me a lot, and I hope to blog with gratitude and kindness. To start out, I have six posts that reflect my study on materialism and fashion, which I will intersperse with outfit posts. I hope you benefit from it. And it goes a little something like this…

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