Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Top 7 Household Items That Will Wreck Your Manicure

Long after your manicure dries, there are items that lie in wait around your home. Their goal, by design, is to chip or dent your nails, no matter how many coats you have so carefully applied. But I will expose them, so that maybe you can avoid these common predators! May I present to you, in no particular order, the Items That Will Wreck Your Manicure.

Pour Spout on Dishwasher Detergent.
This sharp, steel monstrosity is guaranteed to send the lacquer chips flying. This also goes for the container of Morton Salt in my kitchen. Couldn’t it have been designed to be opened via a nice, curved, plastic pulltab?

New shoes, new dishes, and salad dressing/ketchup bottles come with stickers you have to scrape off. We have Goo-Gone but I’m afraid it, too, would wreck my nails.

Bottle of Conditioner.
See this snap-top bottle? It’s practically designed to be opened with your nails. It’s really difficult to open with the fleshy part of your thumb. The bummer is, once you chip a nail with this, water will get under your chip, if you’re in the shower. It’s a manicure-breaker.

Pant Buttons.
It’s not the unbuttoning that can dent and smush your nails. It’s the rebuttoning. Some days I wish my jeans would snap closed.

Spice Jars.
I should wait for a day when my nails are unpainted, then go through all my spice jars and remove the plastic thingy with the holes for “sprinking”. I only use measuring spoons, and to do that, you need to remove the plastic thingy with your fingernails. Knives are too thick to fit in the crevice, and if you use a knife to try to pry the plastic thingy off, you end up flinging spice all over the kitchen. At least that’s what happens to me.

Lobster-Claw Clasps.
A day I paint my nails is a day when I fear wearing a necklace. If the initial opening of the clasp (and holding it open with my fingernail) doesn’t wreck my manicure, then the fiddling around behind my neck, blindly trying to hook it on the other end, will.

Pop Cans.
I drink a lot of Coke. From cans. That pop-top requires you to slide your fingers under it and lift. I can’t tell you how many times this has dented or chipped my nails!

These items are the enemy of the well-polished woman. Are there items around your house that ruin your manicure, my friends? Please tell us in the comments!

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  1. This is a brilliant post and this is so true. I try to be really, really careful after a manicure but it still gets ruined!

    Stay Happy and Positive!




  2. I just got a manicure at my friend's nail place and I use basically every one of these things! I should have my brother do all this for me. Thanks!


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