Friday, May 20, 2011

Uncasual Friday


coral blouse from Forever 21, linen jacket by Sigrid Olsen, skirt from Ann Taylor, shoes by Charles David

The newest item I'm wearing are the shoes, and I got them two years ago. Well, if you don't count the nail polish! And yes, my friends, that is basil growing at my feet. My husband is quite a gardener, and I asked him to grow it so I could make pesto this summer, something I only recently discovered, and it is so delicious!

P.S. In response to a question at the blog Stand in the Sun... the one most important thing to me about my home is that I don't get too attached to it. Any physical home we have is temporary, and I could lose it in a single day. I love my home, it is a clean, peaceful, and hospitable gift (and it's in the city--bonus!), but I don't want to get too comfortable. We are called to an unpredictable life, and the material things really don't matter that much.

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  1. Well hello there! Thank you so much for following my little blog!Very cute outfit by the way and I just planted a little basil in my garden this afternoon. I do love a little late summer pesto ;)


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