Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rescued Cats and Kittens



Here are two of the four I rescued: Captain, Sparrow, Whitney, and Asia

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Milla (sorry, no photo)

Shmi (the one I kept)

These are cats I have rescued and found homes for over the past ten years. In some cases, I found them. In others, someone told me about them, and I went and got them. I have a really soft heart for stray cats. When I lived in Chicago, I volunteered at a cat shelter every Saturday for five years.
Shadow and Buster are two that I rescued in the past year, since I've been married. My loving husband has been very supportive, but it's certainly something he wouldn't do without me!


  1. awww! I'm a cat lover too, but I only have one, and he's spoiled :) I would find it really difficult to give any up if I fostered!

  2. Thanks Tammy! It's difficult to see them go.

  3. They're all so adorable! What a lovely thing to do, resucing and rehoming them :)

  4. Thanks Fritha! Just wait, I brought another one home today. I'll blog about it this week.

  5. Aw, I love that you've done that - what a wonderful thing to do. Buster looks just like my lovely Inigo. :)

  6. Thanks Shelia! He was a wonderful cat while we had him.


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