Friday, April 1, 2011

A New Haircut



It's cut, but it won't stay curly! My hairdresser put a curling iron to it so I could see if I can pull off the messy-wavy look. It's okay, but not me. (And I don't own a curling iron!) This will be the last time you see these clothes until Fall; I plan on switching over to my spring/summer items this weekend!


  1. The hair looks gorgeous. I love the new cut. It may nor feel like you (and I know sometimes when I get my hair curled it I feel like that too). But it is flattering on you. You might want to consider the curling iron investment. :) Or, alternately you can get velcro rollers, roll them up, and head it up with your blow dryer.

  2. Thanks both Styrch and Savvy Gal! I am still getting used to it... :)


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