Thursday, September 16, 2010

Flats Are Everywhere!

Hi from Rome!

One thing I learned very quickly, sightseeing all day for many days requires flat shoes.

The second thing I noticed is that most women in London wear flats. Either ballerina flats or sport shoes (not athletic shoes). On the Tube, I saw women wearing flats with pantyhose (see photo above)!

I brought two pairs of heels and one pair of flats on our vacation. The heels are low and comfortable, but not enough for an entire day on my feet!

In Paris, I continued to see a lot of ballerina flats and sport shoes. And some flat sandals.

Here in Rome I have seen gladiator flats but also very high heels in the shopping and high-end districts.

So my friends, there is a little report on footwear in Europe!


  1. yay! I love ballerina flats!! With MS, I lose my balance easily, so I don't wear heels. Nice to know I'm still in fashion, at least somewhat :)

  2. This is good to know for my trip to Europe next year! I'm glad you saw lots of flats- I won't feel like I have to wear heels. Hope your having a great time!
    PS-I'm giving away $200 to! Come Enter now! Ends today!

  3. Thanks Tammy! Yes, you'd do quite well in your flats here in Europe!

    Thanks Tiffany, I entered your contest. Crossing fingers...


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