Thursday, September 23, 2010

Plato's Closet Rejections Support Group

Years ago, when I lived in Chicago, I had a great idea. I was weeding my closet and creating a pile of clothes to donate to Goodwill. The clothes were fashionable and in good condition, but did not fit me anymore. My idea? Take the clothes to Plato's Closet! Which I had heard a lot about on the radio, but had never been to.

Now there wasn't a PC in downtown Chicago where I lived. So I gathered my clothes and trekked waaaay out to the west suburbs and finally found the store. Confident and excited at the prospect of having a little spending money, I gave them the small bag of clothing, and waited around the store, looking at their racks.

When they were done, the girl politely and gently told me that my clothes' style was "too old" and there was only one sweater that they would offer to purchase for a grand total of $3. I was rejected. I was embarrassed. I meekly took the $3 and the rest of my clothes and left as quickly as possible. I told myself I would never try that again!

But history is doomed to repeat itself, and recently here in STL, I again was enticed to try to resell some clothing I had. This time it wasn't at PC, but at Rag-O-Rama. I gathered up some nice clothing and off I went. This time I was completely rejected, they did not want a single item, again claiming that they were "not current styles." What am I wearing? Clothes from the 90s? Grandma clothes?

A good friend of mine, in her 20s, recently went to Plato's Closet, in preparation for a big move. I warned her. I prayed for her. But they rejected all of her clothing, saying they wouldn't accept anything older than 2009 styles.

So I am hereby creating a Plato's Closet Rejections Support Group. Here, we understand. You may share your stories of humiliation and dashed hopes, all with perfect anonymity. Here, you are safe to share your stories. There is no condemnation, only support and love for you and the clothing in your closet. Do not fear. You are not alone.

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  1. OMG!!! I am w/ you. I shop far beyond my means, way too expensive and way too often. I WORK in the contemporary/ premium denim area of Nordstrom. I am also a personal stylist. I KNOW what people are wearing and what is fashionable. I am so tired of being rejected by Plato's closet and Rag-O-Rama BOTH. I have plenty of very fashionable clothing in perfect (some NEVER worn) condition. I have items that I get gratis from many vendors that is not my style or not the right fit or is just a repeat item in my wardrobe, 1 month old and never worn that Plato's will reject because its not currently in style. WHAT DO THEY CONSIDER IN STYLE??? Cuz when I bring in my bag of Nordstrom and Saks items and watch them sift through it as I browse their selection of ratty old Hollister t-shirts and 4 year old Forever 21 apparel then reject my never worn month old Citizen jeans due to wear (uh... you can see they still have a tag on them.) I feel like I'm going to lose it! Then they have the nerve to offer to donate it to Goodwill for me. I have no problem donating to Goodwill, but I do have a problem believing that that is actually what they are doing when I take a look at their selection. I have forever banished Plato's Closet and Rag-O-Rama from my life. I would rather call up my girlfriends and tell them I am cleaning out my overstuffed, very up to date, closet and let them have at it for free instead of letting go of my $300 jeans to them for $4 and a dirty look cuz they're going to have trouble getting rid of them. I will then pack up whatever is remaining and deliver it to Goodwill myself, secure in knowing that it actually gets there without wondering if the snotty employees secretly took my stuff home and sold it on Ebay. Goodbye Plato's Closet and good luck. I'll make sure to stop by as soon as I'm in desperate need of a misshapen Aeropostal tee from 2002.


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