Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My New Parisian Flats

We have returned from our Europe trip! Unfortunately I lost our camera somewhere in Paris, so you'll have to bear with me, there may not be new outfit posts for a while until we can buy a new one.

I purchased two things for myself on our trip, a grey Espirit sweater and a pair of flats. Not just any flats, though, a pair of red patent, French brand Repetto ballerina flats. I had heard about the quality, classic, comfortable shoes on the internet, but since they do not have stores outside of France (save a corner of The Shoe Galleries floor in London's Selfridges department store), I have not seen them in person or tried them on. I wanted to check them out for myself!

The Repetto store was busy. A young man helped me, and when I told him I was interested in trying on the red patent pair (the only reds on display), he gave me a skeptical look and said they were almost sold out. My European shoe size is 36 (size 6) but he said he only had a 37 left. I tried them on anyways, and they fit! I think they run a bit small.

I have never tried on such a flexible pair of patent shoes. Usually patent is stiff, maybe reinforced? but these were very flexible. They did not slip off my heel, and generally they were very comfortable. So here they are, and I think you'll be seeing them get a lot of wear! Sorry I don't have a closeup of them...

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