Thursday, August 18, 2011

Who Buys the Same Blouse Twice?


blouse by Calvin Klein, Joe's Jeans The Pant, Nixon watch, Eric Michael espadrilles

A Zealous Blonde does.

How do you like my new blouse? Isn't it a pretty red color? Don't you love it? Does it look a little familiar? Here, let me refresh your memory:


This thrift store 70s blouse with a double-wide collar, I purchased in like April or May for $14. It's virtually the same color as my on-sale-for-$20 CK purchase. I think I have a red-blouse problem. I'm going to keep both, since CK will charge me $8 for return shipping. I'd better watch out, or I'll be buying another pair of black suede booties for fall.

I'm going to Aruba for a long weekend, my friends...see you again on Tuesday!

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  1. Ooh when a color looks that great on you, why not own a few pieces. The details are different enough in my opinion. And the fits are useful for various types of outfits. I love both!

    Have a blast in Aruba!


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