Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Fashion Blogger’s Lament

Please allow me to vent
And share a lament
RE: my new fashion blog
(All original content!)

So where can I get
A real photographer
To shoot me so dope
Like the other bloggers?

Like Fashion Distraction
Or like Fashion Toast
Or Fashionista Talk
With their fierce outfit posts!

I have some key shoes
Outfits simple and nice
Designer labels paired
With those lesser priced

No, I’m not a model
And I’m not twenty-six
I’m not cutting-edge
Just off to the office

I’m not after dough
I just want to know
The posts that I craft
Aren’t so incognito

Could you follow me please
And visit each day
And comment when you
Have something to say?

Love and humor with style
Is what I’m about
This is Zealous Blonde
And I’m over and out.


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog so I could find out about yours! I am MARRIED to a photographer yet don't have those fabulous photos. Most are done by themselves with a tripod; I can't imagine skipping around my front yard with a tripod, the neighbors would come out and stare at me. It's bad enough when my husband takes my pic in the court outside our townhouse!

    I believe good blogs are about good writing and good style. And as long as your blog is easy to read and your photos well lit, the world can see and appreciate your style. Blog it, sister! :)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Allie! I don't have a tripod, just in my back yard with a camera and a timer, usually in the morning while the neighbors are asleep. And my hair is at its best.

  3. Love the poem! Getting good photos for my blog has been a major pain...it's the one thing that regularly sparks animosity between my husband and I (since he started taking my photos). I used to do them by myself in my cubicle at work, which worked okay, but wasn't that interesting. I think the main thing is to get good lighting...test out different times of day, maybe, different spots. But really, I think you're doing great with outfits and posts :)

  4. Thanks Angeline! Yeah, I'm kinda leery of asking my husband to take photos of me, so I am making do with my timer. Great advice, and thanks for following me! :)

  5. I love your poem, just saw it on Chictopia.com actually!
    So witty yet so, so true! I suffer from the same "no photographer" symptom but I honestly like your posts and your pictures are looking good so far. I really admire how there's a good ratio of writing to pictures. Keep up the good work!

  6. Thanks Hadelicious, I wanted to repeat it on Chictopia to let people know about my blog. :)


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