Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hey...Where's All The Chocolate?

I really, really love chocolate. Since my current surroundings are woefully devoid of it, I am daydreaming about my favorites. They are, in no particular order:

*best cake: flourless chocolate cake from…anywhere

*best ice cream (tie): chocolate cake batter ice cream from Coldstone or chocolate fudge brownie ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s

*best drink: Chantico drinking chocolate from Starbucks
(sadly, it was discontinued in 2005)

*best milkshake: Ghirardelli’s chocolate shake from the Ghirardelli CafĂ© in Chicago
As for cookies and chocolate bars, I like pretty much anything. These stand out as slightly better than the rest:

*best cookie: chocolate chocolate chip cookie from Cheryl & Co.

*best bar: solid dark chocolate bar from Godiva. Because my husband purchases them for me on special occasions.

Mmmmmm…that was fun! What are your favorites, my friends

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