Sunday, August 15, 2010

Recent Splurge: Pucci Sunglasses

I loved reading Nina Garcia’s style books earlier this year. I checked them all out from the library and pored over them, learning more than a few things. One of her recommendations is, if you can’t afford a piece of clothing by one of your favorite designers, to incorporate their style into your closet by buying one of their accessories. Designer belts, jewelry, wallets, and scarves can all be had for a fraction of the price of a dress, jacket or sweater. I like this idea a lot better than purchasing a cheap designer knock-off.

I started looking for big, black sunglasses last winter. I love, love, love my Ray-Ban aviators, but after wearing them for four years, I was ready for something different. Nordstroms was having a sale, and I found a pair that I really liked and looked great on me: sunnies by Emilio Pucci. They were on sale for $99, down from $285. I decided to save for them. However, when I had saved the money, I went back and they were gone.

About six months later, Gilt had a great Pucci sunglasses sale. And there they were! And they were $82! Even better, though still a splurge. I purchased them. Here they are.


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  2. Great deal on your shades! I definitely think nice sunglasses are worth the $$ and up your style ante :)

  3. Thanks maRyya and Eek! You'll see these shades in many outfit posts, I think!


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