Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Pen, A Dryer, and A Designer

This was the only piece from Alexander McQueen that I’ll ever own. It was from the collection Lee McQueen did for Target, and it was $20, but still, allow me to get a little bit sentimental and repeat: the only piece I’ll ever be able to afford from this famous label.

It was a shirt. Not just any shirt, but a nude, button-up cotton shirt with roll-tab short sleeves. The kind of shirt one can wear to work. The coolest part about it was the hot magenta buttons and accents. In this photo, the last photo taken of it before its demise, I wore nail polish to match it (Zoya Mieko).

90% of the time, I do the laundry at my house. But when my husband has a day off, or gets really zealous on a Saturday, he wakes up early in the morning and does all the laundry. And I really appreciate it, believe me!

However, when I do it, I go through all my husband’s pockets to search for ink pens. You see, he carries a pen on his person at all times, and there have been a few days that he forgets to remove it before throwing a pair of jeans or shorts in the hamper. So I am very careful to do a pen shakedown. My husband is not as careful, and this is the reason a few weeks ago, I opened the dryer on a husband-did-laundry-day to see an ink pen. And blue ink marks. Lots of marks. On most of the clothes and all over the inside of the dryer. And all over my McQueen for Target shirt.

While he can sometimes salvage ink-stained clothes (and if he can’t, he’ll donate them to Goodwill, in case some one else likes wearing ink-stained clothes), I cannot, unless it is very minor. In this case, the case of ink marks on a light-colored shirt, I said goodbye to McQueen and threw it away.

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