Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Outnet Score!

blouse by Lela Rose, skirt from Banana Republic, strappy wedges by Circa Joan & David

Do you remember The Outnet's Birthday Sale last April 16? It was a sale in which The Outnet allowed some of its designer clothing and shoes to be sold for $1, but you had to wait for the email, and you had to be quick! There was limited stock and a secret start, the sale was only accessible by email, and you were only allowed to purchase one item.

This was a much-anticipated sale, to say the least. And when the U.S. sale started, around 4:30 or 5:00am, it was a mad online rush. I was one of those girls waiting by my email that morning, and I was shocked that I scored anything. But here it is, a cream cotton Lela Rose blouse, normally $650. When it arrived, it officially became the most expensive thing in my closet. Since I got it for $1, you better believe I'll spend the money to get it drycleaned when the time comes. So I can wear it for the rest of my life. Click photos for closeups.


  1. wow thats such an incredible story i almost dont kno if i beleive it... im so jealous ...that sounds pretty exciting too so i bet it will always be special for you

  2. Thanks Damsels! Totally true, everything in the sale was $1. I hope they do the same thing on their next birthday!

  3. oh. my. goodness. I totally remember that sale...I was already on my shopping diet but planned to keep a lookout for some shoes. I can't believe you scored so well! That blouse is just beautiful, and I could see it working so well in so many combinations. Congrats on the gem!


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