Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Breaking Out the Boots

orange sweater from Ann Taylor, brown skirt from LOFT, V Italia boots, necklace from Express, OPI Who Are You Wearing? nail polish

Cooler temperatures are here and my favorite boots are emerging from the closet! I got these boots from Slithers in Lincoln Park about eight years ago. I keep getting them resoled and reheeled and they've held up great! Also the most Goth nail polish I own comes out for Halloween, it's an almost-black purple with a subtle glitter in it. Click for larger photos.


  1. Yay for boots! I have a pair of boots my mom bought me when I was 20 that I still wear all winter.

    I think I have that same Ann Taylor skirt! I got it at a swap I went to a few weeks back and am so excited to pair it with boots this fall. I love the way you styled it (definitely giving me ideas).

  2. Hi Angeline! Sooo cool that you have the skirt too! Maybe I'll see it in one of your posts! I got it when I visited the Mall of America several years ago... maybe Fall 2002? It still looks brand new, when I remember to iron it :)


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