Monday, October 18, 2010

Faith’s Favorite Heels

WHAT: Circa Joan & David patent brown pumps
WHEN: October 2006
WHERE: Las Vegas Macys

My friend and I went to Vegas for a weekend. It was amazingly fun, and was a screen capture of a life about to change.

• I had known my future husband for three months, and we were talking once a week on the phone.

• I was horribly, tragically sick the entire weekend, with a killer fever, sore throat, and sneezy nose. But I didn’t hold back or stay in the room. We did it all. (Note: if you’re going to get sick, do it on vacation, when you’ve got someone who cleans the room every day, and you don’t have to cook.)

• We spontaneously went to a Van Helsing’s Curse with Dee Snider punk rock concert at the Hard Rock Hotel (this was just before Halloween), which was one of the most beautiful and amazing concerts I’ve ever been to. And I don’t even listen to punk rock.

• My Aunt N. and Uncle D. have lived in Vegas my whole life, which is why I’ve been going there, um, for my whole life. So we got to see them, and that is always fun.

• Both my friend and I love to shop. And the shopping in Vegas is amazing. There we were in the Macy’s shoe department, and I saw them. The most beautiful shoes I had ever seen. I was in love. So much in love that I happily paid the $100, which at that time, was unimaginably expensive for me. But look at them. The shiny leather. The bronze buckle. The perfectly balanced shape. They are comfortable too, and, despite a few scratches over the years, remain my favorite heels. They are amazing. I will always love them, not just because they are beautiful, but because they represent a special time in my life.

Do you have a favorite pair of heels? Do tell!

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