Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Great Closet Switch

Autumn has arrived in the midwest.

High temps in the 60s + October = bring out the Fall clothes!

There are some girls who slowly Transition their clothing into fall, pairing summer prints, fabrics and cuts with longer warmer layers. Then there are some girls who just Switch. I am a Switcher. Everything summer and spring in my closet -- clothes, shoes, scarves -- is removed. The fall and winter clothing and shoes that has been in storage replaces it, in one fell swoop. I couldn't wear a pair of shorts now if I tried, because they're all in boxes in our storage closet.

So now I'm curling up in my browns, oranges, olives, tights, boots, corderoy, cashmere, and wool. Loving the closet change and planning my outfit posts for you, my friends, which I'll post as soon as we get a camera!

P.S. I played a part in the rescue of two friendly-but-skinny male cats in the past week! Why are people abandoning their pets?

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