Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Makeup Secret

Makeup is amazing. It can make you feel like a million. But there is a mind-blowing amount of it out there. Walking into a Sephora or approaching a department store makeup counter is overwhelming to me. How can I be sure I’m getting the good stuff? I used to spend a lot of money because I thought it ensured I was getting a good product.

Years ago, when I was unemployed in Chicago, I found a resource that helped me tremendously. I spent some time at the public library, and discovered a series of makeup books by author Paula Begoun, called The Cosmetics Cop. In these books, she and her team reviewed nearly every makeup and skin product on the U.S. market. They were reviewed for their ingredients, their advertising promises, their value, and how well the makeup worked. I was hooked, looking up everything in my makeup bag, and referring to the books when I needed to make a purchase.

I don’t know if the books are still in print today, but her enterprise has gone online. If you want some truth behind makeup purchases instead of looking to ads, magazine editorials (which are ads in disguise), and the subjective nature of sites like Makeup Alley, my friends, go to

The database of makeup and skin care reviews isn’t free - you need an annual subscription. And this is not a sponsored post, this is completely objective ME telling you a little makeup secret. I don’t currently have a subscription, but I did for the past two years. I’d check it out if you’re needing new blush/lipstick/foundation and want to see if there’s a less expensive, equally good drugstore brand out there. It’s kinda like Consumer Reports for beauty products.

Their reviewers will tell you which mascaras are the best value, which skin lotions are full of harsh or irritating ingredients, and which miracle potions really can’t deliver. It’s pretty cool. You can search by price range, brand, or category.

Let me know if this helps you, my friends. And if you have makeup secrets
, please share them!


  1. I will definitely have to check this out ASAP!! :)

  2. great! I'm no good when it comes to make and I really have to work on it. :)

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  3. Thanks everyone for your comments! New outfit post coming Monday!


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