Thursday, November 18, 2010

Can I Wear These Shoes to Work?

button-up shirt by Calvin Klein, tweed plaid skirt from LOFT, black suede booties by Calvin Klein

Is this color camel or tan? Should I wear a belt with this? And above all, can I wear 3-inch suede booties with tights and a skirt to work? Sheesh. This is what I miss about having girl roommates. Well, off to work I went. But I’m wondering if I should repeat this in the future or solve it by just wearing pants.


  1. Those shoes are great! Definitely okay for work. Not sure about the color, and I think it looks fine without a belt...Those shoes are definitely a repeat, though.

  2. I really like your skirt. I want a red plaid one

  3. Thanks, Savvy Gal!

    And thank you Angeline for the vote of confidence, I will wear them again!

    Thanks Nubia, I've had it for several years now.


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